InterVision created and deployed the VPN accounts they needed quickly, so that normal business operations hardly missed a beat. While doing this, our team worked with the client to increase the integrity of their VPN accounts by adding several additional layers of security, such as AD authentication and MFA for their SSL VPN.

InterVision worked closely with MSJC and AWS to determine the most appropriate autoscaling policies to both limit cost and ensure necessary resources were continually available. Within two days, we had completed a production environment deployment of their five initial applications on AppStream 2.0. MSJC subsequently trained more than 300 employees in the following two days, thereby allowing their staff and faculty access to the critical enterprise applications.

InterVision provisioned an AWS cloud architecture that included AWS WorkSpaces Desktop, Identity Management via Microsoft Active Directory, and AWS Transit Gateway using Palo Alto Networks firewalls for their complex networking and routing needs. In the end, most projects of this scale take approximately 3 months but COVID-19 brought the best out in both teams and our strong 24×7 collaboration, deep bench, and systemic automation allowed us to complete this project in one week.

InterVision’s depth of expertise in remote workforce enablement made us a good fit for their project’s objective. We worked closely with their IT team to provision a new VPN with Cisco’s AnyConnect that not only connected employees to their IT systems remotely, but also emphasized the necessary security and compliance standards they needed.

Aegion Corporation, a global industrial infrastructure company, needed a scalable collaboration solution to improve daily communications. InterVision’s Hosted Collaboration delivered a reliable solution for crisp voice, instant messaging and clear video – without sacrificing their current Cisco investments. InterVision’s experts relieved the burden of managing their highly customized deployment, all while reducing their overall costs.

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