Exploring SD-WAN


Status Go Podcast: Episode 14

” SD-WAN is allowing us to take a business-first approach to networking.” – Kevin Van Mondfrans

Status Go Podcast: Episode 14

” We are at a point where the market is adopting this technology.  If you don’t call it mainstream today, you will be in a very short period of time.” – Kevin Van Mondfrans

Status Go Podcast: Episode 14

” The business benefits are so compelling, the cost savings are so compelling, that if you’re not doing this, you’re probably going to get left behind from a competitive standpoint.” – Kevin Van Mondfrans

Episode 14: Exploring SD-WAN

There’s been a lot of attention around SD-WAN over the last year or two and in this episode of Status Go, Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances, and Kevin Van Mondfrans, Senior Director of Product Management, are cutting through all of the hype and getting right to the “what” and “why” of SD-WAN.  As Kevin states, “If you aren’t thinking of this technology as mainstream yet, you will soon, because the market is ready for it.”

Jeff and Kevin take you through how SD-WAN impacts today’s networking engineer, use cases and business benefits.  They’ll also dig into how the market is adapting to this technology and when you should start considering it.  Hint: now.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:29 Kevin’s Background

3:59 The shift to managing business intent

6:29 Benefits

8:44 Hardware requirements and virtualization

10:35 How the transition to SaaS based applications impacts the benefit of SD-WAN

12:20 Use Cases

15:40 Customization

17:01 Market readiness

19:49 The right time to implement





As Senior Director of Product Management, Kevin Van Mondfrans leads product and business planning for InterVision’s portfolio of managed IT services, managed security services, and collaboration services.


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