People-First Leadership and Transformation


Status Go Podcast: Episode 15

” If you are a CIO grab your executive leadership and say, ‘There’s a major change and shift happening.  We need to get real about this environment we’re in, because we are in a race.  And it is a race of competition.’”– Jamie Lee, CIO, Wabash National

Status Go Podcast: Episode 15

” As good IT professionals, we have to be careful not to chase the shiny objects, if you will.  We need to be pointed to value.”– Jamie Lee, CIO, Wabash National

Status Go Podcast: Episode 15

” Every IT professional wants to land a solution that people really enjoy.  We’re not liking the impact that poor technology can have on a person’s life.  We say – we can be better than that.”– Jamie Lee, CIO, Wabash National

Episode 15: People-First Leadership and Transformation

The manufacturing of tractor trailers, semi truck trailers and liquid transportation systems doesn’t necessarily scream “digital,” yet Jamie Lee, CIO of Wabash National, and his team are using technology to transform this industry.  Jamie joins Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, on this episode of Status Go to talk about his digital transformation journey; the core and the compass, being people.  Jamie gives us insight into each phase of the process, their planning cycles and how they are preparing for the future.  Preparation for the future at Wabash National doesn’t just revolve around new tech, but also how they are helping the next generation of their workforce to lead confidently, carrying the digital transformation torch, if you will.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:53 Jamie’s journey to CIO

3:25 The core of transformation

5:23 Phases of transformation

7:12 Executing proactive planning cycles

8:36 Areas of focus

9:50 Cloud strategy

11:23 Building an application vs. leveraging a platform

12:27 Innovating your customer’s customer

14:14 Engaging with your customer’s customer

16:50 Leadership: aligning your team with the business and readying them to lead

19:30 The value and impact of IoT

22:34 Aligning university talent and company culture

24:07 One piece of advice for IT Leaders

25:07 Summary




Jamie Lee is CIO at Wabash National Corporation and leads with a focus on driving strategic plan achievement through digital transformation, collaboration, mobility, acquisition integration, application simplification, cloud services, analytics and security. Jamie has led IT organizations for more than 20 years with international and domestic business IT experience; leveraging solid business fundamentals and disciplines to enable business growth. He is an effective leader with a proven track record of building and retaining productive teams focused on achievement.

Jamie’s multiple industry background provides for a broad perspective of go-to-market, supply chain and financial investment approaches.  His industry experiences include: automotive, chemical, life sciences, healthcare, consulting services, insurance, logistics, and retail.  Jamie is known for the ability to create productive relationships with key business leaders, suppliers, employees and contractors. He is an experienced negotiator of IT products and services and maintains complete IT technical depth and aptitude.


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