With data changing and growing so rapidly, the need to get value out of your data is even more urgent. Here’s some advice about how to approach data lakes.

To find out more about how InterVision’s machine learning and predictive analytics helped Lattice identify their customers, we reached out to the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing at Lattice for an interview.

By turning such complex data into simplified visualizations and actionable insights, The Shop was able better understand the “why” and “how” behind the way pilot users interacted with their product, and what they could do to improve the experience.

InterVision’s analysis revealed that “parking” was one of the most mentioned issues in the survey comments. These insights have allowed the baseball team to proactively prepare for next year’s season. The River Cats’ renewal rate in 2018 was 9% higher than in 2017, and the team attributes some of that improvement to understanding the fans a little better.

At our headquarters in St. Louis, InterVision recently hosted a “Cloud Tech Day” for regional IT leaders and shared how to effectively communicate cloud strategies to executive leadership, within your IT team, and to other business units.