Effectively Communicating Your Cloud Strategy

At our headquarters in St. Louis, InterVision recently hosted a “Cloud Tech Day” for regional IT leaders, where our CTO, John Gray, shared how to effectively communicate cloud strategies to executive leadership, within your IT team, and to other business units. He noted that 90% of companies are already in the cloud today (451 Research), so every business either needs to accommodate existing cloud workloads or plan a journey to the cloud to compete with modern consumer expectations.

Gray explained that cloud can be a natural change agent for other technology initiatives, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence or predictive analytics, allowing for fast deployments, increased flexibility and scalability, and an attention to security that smaller internal teams find difficult to execute alone.

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Gray states that storage tends to be a typical reason companies make the move to the cloud. And for good reason. With so much dependence on collecting data for business intelligence these days, the cloud makes an ideal fit for storing data that’s readily accessible at a lower cost than traditional options. However, there are several other benefits companies can realize in the cloud.

Common Benefits of Cloud

  • Embrace agility with increased availability
  • Start fresh with cybersecurity
  • Automate environments for speed
  • Gain efficiency in managing applications
  • Improve cost optimization
  • Improve your Disaster Recovery stance
  • Achieve operational excellence

Your journey to the cloud will ultimately determine the cost savings your company realizes. Due to the time and costs of optimizing an environment after the fact, it’s better to do the legwork upfront. With over two decades of expertise, InterVision is well equipped to meet a company’s specific needs in this area. “We’re not starting from scratch; we start from what we know to be a good way of building out an architecture. Then we tailor it to the client,” Gray states, “By spending time on the architecture, you generally get a better outcome.” Read more about cloud migration here.

Powering Business with Data Analytics

In the second half of the event, Harsha Gopianandan, VP General Manager of ML & AI Analytics at InterVision, shared tips to harness the power of data to optimize a company’s cloud operations and glean business intelligence for educated decisions.

The Strategic Value of Data

  • Improve profits
  • Retain customers
  • Enable competitive advantage
  • Listen to the voice of the customer
  • Enhance security
  • Increase sales

Gopianandan explained the roles of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play in the cloud, sharing specific use cases of how InterVision has recently helped clients achieve business goals using automation, data analytics, and ML/AI. He also shared InterVision’s verified process for leveraging ML and AI to gain value from an organization’s data.

Repeatable Process of ML/AI

  1. Define the problem
  2. Analyze the problem and determine data’s fit
  3. Cleanse and enrich the environment
  4. Develop, validate and tune the environment
  5. Deploy updates and/or working software based upon learnings
  6. Advise and consult on the discovery results

Gopianandan shared that candidates who make a good fit for using ML or AI tend to be experiencing the need to make faster decisions while having increasing amounts of data, disparate datasets, rapidly changing environments and high error rates in daily operations. Leveraging solutions with ML or AI can help to alleviate these pain points.

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