Traditionally, backhauling traffic through a datacenter allows an office to access the internet, external resources, data and apps. However, this model often creates hair pinning and pinch points as well as an overall complicated and expensive process. With the emergence of software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), this can all be avoided.

Find out how you bring your Cloud and DevOps teams together with traditional Network and Security teams – both speaking two different languages, essentially – to tackle AWS Network Security without sacrificing speed and agility.

Haley Altman, licensed attorney and founder of Doxly, sits down with Jeff Ton to talk about automating and securing business processes and practices.  The same technology allowing us to move through critical business transactions with greater speed and agility also creates opportunity for security breaches and gross errors in communication, both carrying massive monetary and reputational impact.

A SOC 2 report functions as a written form of assurance that the vendor is protecting their data. This is particularly useful to companies that are assessing potential cloud providers, since reading the report gives them transparency for what to expect of the provider.