FORBES: Four Conversations To Have In Your First 30 Days As CIO

Four Conversations To Have In Your First 30 Days As CIO

POST WRITTEN BY: JEFF TON, InterVision SVP of Product Development & Strategic Alliances

September 12, 2019

There’s a lot to handle in your job as chief information officer, and getting off on the right foot impacts your ability to perform in your role long-term. In your first 30 days – as in the first 30 days in any role at any company – you will want to provide value as quickly as possible. Use the onboarding time to build your foundation as an employee and as a leader of the business.

Learning is the most important element, and the best way to learn in your first 30 days is to have important conversations with the right folks. In these conversations, try to assess your department’s needs, goals and challenges. You can’t create a vision without knowing where you are first. Expect to spend a lot of time listening. Here are four conversations to have in your first 30 days as CIO… read more

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