In the latest episode of Status Go, Jeff Ton hosts a captivating digital dialogue with Mike King, CEO of Daxios, and Chuck Papageorgiou, discussing the evolving role of the CIO and its impact on digital transformation, focusing on embracing shadow IT, promoting convergence and collaboration, and highlighting the dual role of CIOs in technology and business strategy.

Using stories of his own experience with driving transformation, Isaac Sacolick lays out the ten leadership skills we must all master to succeed in creating the change our businesses need.

David Edinger, the CIO for the City and County of Denver, talks about the unique challenges he faced being the CIO for a large municipality.

We explore some of the challenges, opportunities, and trends Michael Mover, CIO of Riverview Health, has seen in the healthcare industry.

Bill Serva, CIO of Goodwill Industries of Central and Northern Arizona, discuss digital transformation and the impact the global pandemic had on his team.