Status Go: Ep. 175 – Planning Your Life in Tech, Part 2

In episode one of ‘Planning Your life in Tech,’ guest Craig Sroda referred to a template he uses to help IT professionals create a life plan. In this episode, Craig returns to talk us through the template, including identifying your core values, establishing short and long-term goals, and leveraging accountability partners to drive success. He also talks us through the “refresh cycle” we should all go through to be sure our plans are on target.

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Over the past 35 years of his professional career, Craig Sroda has provided a technology vision to hundreds of companies and enjoyed seeing people and businesses “connect the dots.”  Craig co-founded and served as CEO of Pinnacle of Indiana. After 18 years, he sold Pinnacle to Advanced Imaging to begin a new life journey and to regain life balance with his wife of 22 years and his three daughters. While in the process of launching a virtual CIO consulting practice, Lebermuth approached him to be their CIO.  He joined them, put a business plan together, and became president a year later.  After three years, Craig completed that journey and is now CEO/Owner of his company VCIO Global.

Craig enjoys bringing focus on strategy, leadership, business, and technology to allow people and businesses achieve their objectives. Craig thrives helping individuals operate in their sweet spot—a place where their natural strengths and passion intersect. His personal mission is to help others be better than they thought they could be while maximizing his own talents to make a difference in the world.  He is a positive influence on everyone, in hopes they understand their strengths and live on purpose.

At heart, Craig is an evangelist and entrepreneur and loves to see others grow while maintaining a life balance.  As a forever-learner, he loves sharing ideas with and mentoring others. Craig has also wrote multiple books including: The Ultimate Manual: The Missing Guide to Living a Meaningful LifeYou in the Sweet Spot, and Intentional Living and Leadership: Consciousness, Choice and Planning for Success.  Craig loves learning and building the next generation’s leaders with an emphasis on technology and people/team alignment.


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