Demystifying Cloud Migration: Unveiling Simplicity and Savings

In the ever-evolving world of technology, cloud migration has become a hot topic of discussion among technology leaders and executives. However, there is a widespread misconception that moving to the cloud is complex and costly. In a recent episode of our podcast “Status Go,” we aim to debunk this myth by sharing real-life experiences and insights from industry experts. InterVision spoke with French Williams, Director of IT at Royal Technologies, an advanced engineering and manufacturing company. Williams shed light on the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of cloud migration.

Simplifying Complexity: A Case Study

Like many organizations, Royal Technologies initially operated with an on-premises infrastructure. However, as they grew, they realized that their IT environment was becoming insufficient for disaster recovery needs. Faced with the challenge of finding a suitable partner for their requirements, they came across Bluelock, now InterVision, a cloud provider known for its standardized disaster recovery solutions.

Royal Technologies quickly recognized the benefits of embracing cloud technology and the importance of transitioning to the cloud. Leveraging their existing virtualized data center, which consisted of 95% VMware infrastructure, they seamlessly integrated with Bluelock’s Zerto for VM image replication across data centers. This standardized approach impressed French as it eliminated the need for highly customized solutions.

The Learnings Along the Way

At Royal Technologies, the focus is on continuous learning and implementation of cloud technologies, primarily Google Cloud and VMware. Williams is a Google Certified Cloud Architect, and his network engineer is a Google Cloud Certified Network Engineer. The team recognizes that understanding the capabilities of cloud tools is crucial for efficient resource utilization and solid growth foundations.

Williams emphasizes the importance of thorough research and exploration to dispel the myths surrounding cloud migration. He encourages technology leaders and executives to take the time to learn and understand their chosen tools, treating it as a valuable learning opportunity. Organizations can avoid common pitfalls and ensure a smooth migration process by staying informed.

Addressing Misconceptions: Strategy vs. Trend

Williams highlights the need to approach cloud migration with a strategic mindset. It’s crucial not to adopt cloud technology simply because it is trendy but to align it with the organization’s overall strategy. At Royal Technologies, the focus lies on reducing costs, minimizing complexity, ensuring stable uptime, and providing excellent customer service.

Beyond the financial benefits, the cloud offers access to economies of scale and the ability to tap into resources anywhere in the world. Williams shared an example of how the flexibility and redundancy of Google’s network proved invaluable during a COVID-related issue. Moreover, he highlighted the affordability of using load balancers on Google’s network versus the cost of setting up their own infrastructure.

Realizing the Cost Savings

Williams provided a concrete example of how embracing cloud technologies resulted in significant cost savings for Royal Technologies. By partnering with Intervision and migrating their disaster recovery environment to AWS, they saw a remarkable 42% reduction in their monthly bill. This experience is a testament to the true value of leveraging cloud capabilities for cost reduction.


Debunking the myth that cloud migration is complex and costly, French Williams from Royal Technologies shared his company’s seamless transition to the cloud. His story illustrates the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of embracing cloud technologies strategically. Furthermore, it encourages technology leaders and executives to approach cloud migration as an opportunity for learning and growth. By dispelling misconceptions and leveraging the power of the cloud, organizations can reduce complexity, drive innovation, and unlock significant cost savings.

Stay informed, challenge misconceptions, and embrace the true potential of cloud technologies to drive your organization forward.