InterVision’s Managed Services Differentiators 

Managed Services Providers are instrumental in your ability to deliver your products and services to your clients. You need someone who will enable you and your teams to be successful at maintaining and growing your business. You need a partner who can instill your trust, time, and money into this critical relationship.  You need someone who allows you to sleep at night, with the knowledge you are protected and in great hands. We all need relationships like this in our lives and our business.

InterVision offers many differentiators in this Market Space; we will review some key ones related to our Managed Services.

  • ITIL Based Process Maturity, Execution, and Evolution
  • Operational Engineering Deep Technical Acumen
  • Broad Spectrum of Supported Products and Services
  • Mature Tenure within Operational Engineers and Leadership
  • 24/7 Support through “Follow the Sun” Model

InterVision is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience through People, Process and Technology. Let’s take a deeper look into each one of the differentiators.


ITIL Based Process Maturity, Execution, and Evolution

As a SOC2 compliant managed services provider, InterVision Operations Center processes are designed and delivered leveraging the ITIL framework. ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a well-known set of IT best practices designed to assist businesses in aligning their IT services with customer and business needs. ITIL offers benefits such as Reduced IT Costs, Improved IT Services, Better Client Experience, Improved Productivity, and Improved use of skills and experience. The ITIL Processes cover Triage, Incident Management, Request Fulfillment, Change Enablement, and Problem Management within Managed Services.


Operational Engineering Deep Technical Acumen

The InterVision Operations Center Engineers pride themselves on their deep technical acumen to support all our managed products and services. The Operations Center Team is designed to own and manage the support of our clients from Triage to Remediation with limited engagement of additional internal teams or external vendors. The focus and ability to deliver support in this manner helps drive SLAs down and Client Satisfaction up. If there is a need to engage additional parties, we ensure ongoing monitoring and driving of remediation, while maintaining regular updates and communication with our clients.


Broad Spectrum of Supported Products and Services

InterVision can offer its clients a broad spectrum of products and services. We can deliver this through our partnership with Top Tier Vendors / Partners that are leading the industry within this vertical and technology. Whether it is a Cisco firewall running in an AWS Cloud environment, to an HP SilverPeak SDWAN appliance running in one of our datacenters, to supporting end users as part of our Help Desk services, InterVision can support the unique and changing needs of your business.

In addition to the multiple vendors and services, InterVision offers multiple tiers within their services. The tiers range from monitoring services leveraging InterVision’s tools and automation up to and including Premium Services that not only include the monitoring and remediation but also offer change and life cycle management of your environment, freeing you for the day-to-day as well future planning. All these services are delivered within the Operations Center Engineering Teams.


Mature Tenure within Operational Engineers and Leadership

InterVision’s staff inside the Operations Center have a deep tenure in providing managed services. A significant portion of the Operations Engineering Team and Leadership Teams have been with InterVision for more than 5 years and have been in the industry for up to 25 plus years. This deep history allows us to manage multiple technologies and verticals effectively and efficiently, while providing a foundation allowing us to make the necessary pivots to support evolving technologies. In addition, we can create and keep deeper partner level relationships with our clients and their environments, blurring the lines between teams creating a sense of extension to your teams and business.


24/7 Support through our “Follow the Sun” Model

InterVision’s Managed Services are delivered through our 24/7 “Follow the Sun” support model. This model allows InterVision to deliver exceptional support while leveraging great team members around the globe. This model ensures we offer a deep bench of resources no matter your geographical location, or time of day, in addition, this model allows InterVision to drive a more cost-effective support model for our customers.

InterVision has highlighted some of the differentiators we offer in this Market Space. A managed service partner is critical to allowing you to manage your business during the day and your personal time at night. All the components outlined above help us protect, serve, and grow our clients while delivering an Exception Client Experience, through the Right People, the Right Processes, and the Right Tools.

The Power of More: With InterVision as your technology and managed services partner, you can focus on what you do best, while we take care of the rest.