What Tools Are Useful Against Ransomware?

When it comes to ransomware, no company is invincible to an attack. Even if you have safety measures in place, you could become a victim of ransomware like 68.5% of businesses. In fact, because ransomware attacks on businesses happen every 11 seconds, you should be prepared for an attack at any time. While there are several steps you can take to prevent a ransomware attack, like running antivirus software or scanning emails, you should determine the best solution for your business. InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®) is a comprehensive security solution to keep your sensitive data safe.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss the best ransomware protection for business tools that will give you a leg up on potential attacks.


What Is a Ransomware Attack?

A ransomware attack is when your computer data is infected with a specific type of malware (malicious software) that holds your data hostage for a ransom. Imagine software that locks you out of certain files or even your whole computer, and the only way to access and retrieve them is by paying thousands of dollars to criminals. These ransomware attacks typically manifest themselves as cleverly disguised, legitimate-looking links, files, or other downloads to initially get on your computer or network.

We know it sounds scary, and it should be a legitimate concern you have. Thankfully, you can take precautions that give you an advantage over cyber-criminals so you can keep your data safe and secure. InterVision gives you the ability to protect and restore your data in case of a ransomware attack, so you don’t have to worry about costly ransoms and lost data. Let’s talk about the main defenses you can take to stop ransomware from getting your business’s data.


What Are the Five Main Defenses Against Ransomware?

Defending against ransomware is a priority for businesses, especially those with sensitive data stored on their computer network. If you’re asking “Is there any defense against ransomware?”, consider using these five defense solutions to keep your data safe:

Antivirus Software 

One of the most common solutions for businesses is to install antivirus software. Their purpose is to detect and remove software viruses and other malicious software like trojans and worms. It works by consistently scanning your programs and data and alerting you if there are any suspicious files. Antivirus is excellent  as a tool to warn you of questionable activity. However, while antivirus software can help prevent older ransomware from infecting your computer, it cannot protect your device once the ransomware takes control. Antivirus doesn’t protect against the newest ransomware. It is only as good as the latest update. There are free options available, but they lack several security features paid software has. Overall, antivirus software is a good initial barrier against ransomware, but is not a comprehensive solution.


Software and Operating System Updates

This is pretty simple: updating operating systems is essential to have the most up-to-date security features on your business computers. Companies like Microsoft and Apple have teams dedicated to continuously improving security features and virus protection and recognition. Some operating systems have antivirus software included as a feature. While security updates are not enough to fully protect your network, it ensures you have the best base level available for your devices.


Data Backups

As a simple solution, backing up your data should be one of the first steps you take to protect your files. Having physical external hard drives and cloud backups in addition to internal computer storage will ensure you have copies of your data if a computer or network gets infected with ransomware. Because additional storage isn’t typically connected to the infected machine(s) unless they are in use, they are safe from any encryption that may occur on other connected devices. The biggest downfall of backing up data is the expense of hardware or cloud storage.

Employee Training

Whether it’s losing a device, an insecure password, or even getting tricked by phishing emails, employees are a source of vulnerability in any given network. Training employees on proper data protection is essential to maintaining a safe and secure network. Employees should be:

  • Utilizing two-factor authentication
  • Learning how to use removable media (USB)
  • Identifying suspicious links or downloads
  • Avoiding suspicious websites
  • Reporting threats


Ransomware Protection as a Service

For a fully comprehensive solution, RPaaS gives you true end-to-end protection. Due to the evolving nature of ransomware, RPaaS offers protection, detection, and recovery solutions, as well as strategic support to ensure your data stays safe. Most defensive tools have a singular focus on prevention, which can lead to vulnerabilities. There is no other service available for businesses that combine the power of protection with the safety of data storage solutions. On top of that, RPaaS gives you the opportunity to back up your data without the need for a separate service operated by data and security experts.


InterVision: Protect Your Data

As one of the top ransomware protection companies, InterVision’s Ransomware Protection as a Service (RPaaS) gives you the power over your data. Ransomware protection software is essential to maintaining strong security and a healthy network. With our comprehensive protection, detection, and recovery solutions, you can rest assured your data will be safe. Avoid ransom costs and create a tailored recovery datacenter for when your data becomes inaccessible. Visit our website for more information today!