Diamond Foundry Launches Modernized Customer Portal

Web Development and System Integration

The Situation
A San Francisco-based diamond manufacturer needed to create a partner portal to complement and co-exist with their customer facing portal. The ability for business partners to consume large amounts of sensitive data in a secure manner as well as do bulk transactions without impacting user experience was paramount to the successful launch and implementation of the partner portal. Additionally, it was important to have reusable components across both portals to be cost effective and efficient. This involved an assessment and gap analysis of current and future state portal content and functionality and restructuring the public facing website and standing up their partner portal.

InterVision Engages
InterVision engaged with an initial study of their current information architecture and understanding of their existing ecosystem. InterVision proposed and implemented a robust solution which included:

  • Deployment of a headless React application to reduce the site load times
    Establishment of NextJS framework for server-side rendering and redux as state container Development of multiple reusable components including:

    • 360-degree rotating image view of the jewelry
    • Customizable search & filter components
    • UI Image overlay components to provide real time hand view for the jewelry
  • Implementation of a Stripe gateway for payment to support Apple pay, credit card and Google pay payments
  • Development of React component to display a highly interactive 3D WebGL animation where the user can touch rotate and feel the 3D objects. Migrated to Vision360.

Achieving Full Potential
The implementation successfully reduced site load times by 75% for mobile and 78% for desktop all while remaining highly secure and leveraging assets and tooling across both platforms saving time and money. InterVision continues to support Diamond Foundry with support and new capex initiatives.

The Outcome

  • Migration of data from older versions of Drupal to newer versions
  • Release iOS and Android applications for the site
  • Completed migration on time and schedule

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