Medical Solutions Company Leverages DRaaS & IT Systems Availability to Focus on Business Innovation



About the Company

Serving the pharmaceutical industry, medical device companies, and biotech companies, the customer is a leading provider of clinical educator solutions focused on educating, training and supporting healthcare providers and their patients.

The Vision and Challenge

Handling sensitive data is a normal part of the company’s daily operations. Because of this, the ability to demonstrate recoverability with confidence in the event of a disaster, ensuring all data and systems are secure, and highly available, is critical to their clients—and is the cornerstone around which their value proposition to the market is based.

Through their proprietary software, qualified educators from across the United States are matched with a patient or healthcare professionals in need of training, with the company handling all of the logistics, and ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations. These complexities meant the IT team had to create and maintain innovative solutions on the application side through interfacing with patients, healthcare providers and sales teams.

The company needed to increase their focus on strategic business initiatives, but with a small IT staff that were stretched thin, this had become a challenge. The management of their infrastructure was getting in the way. After reviewing several qualified third-party vendors, they selected InterVision for our expertise in datacenter management and strong IT resiliency capabilities.

The Outcome

InterVision’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) tools and resources made internal and external demands simple tasks. During the transition, InterVision’s SaaS-based portal, Portfolio, allowed the company to effectively manage cost with the click of a button and provided them the ability to make infrastructure adjustments as needed.

An elastic infrastructure allowed the company to take on any size client knowing they could scale without the capital costs that would have traditionally been there. DRaaS provided the company access to their critical and sensitive data with the highest levels of availability, safety and security.

Shortly after InterVision’s integration, their new in-house IT infrastructure was put to the test. A business opportunity for dedicated, field-based clinical educators to support and align with specific physicians effectively doubled the medical solutions company employee base, thus testing their scalability. Because of their partnership with InterVision, the company was able to quickly understand the pricing implications and confidently commit to the project.

“We doubled our employee base, and the technology worked flawlessly. No performance issues, no service outages. Just a normal day. In the process, we earned huge kudos from our business colleagues,” stated the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer.

Bringing in additional capabilities with predictable costs made it easy to effectively manage any remaining cost. “With InterVision’s tools and expertise, we were able to focus our energies on what we do that easily brings value to the business,” said the SVP & CIO. Without having to worry about negotiating and procuring hardware licensing, the company could consistently focus on the innovation of their proprietary application while InterVision focused on their infrastructure.

“We know that in the event of any disruption it’s going to be business as usual,” expressed the SVP & CIO. “With confidence in our systems availability we are able to easily demonstrate to our clients that in the case of a catastrophe or natural disaster we’ve thought things through, and everything is going to work as planned.”

The customer is now able to do the following:

  • Manage appropriate levels of security in place for patient confidentiality
  • Streamline infrastructure complexities
  • Ensure accurate service levels and the proper monitoring against downtime
  • Establish regular disaster recovery testing
  • Meet contractual obligations

“Utilizing InterVision to address our infrastructure needs has enabled us to focus on leveraging that marriage to innovate,” stated the SVP & CIO. “Innovation allows us to continually differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, and ultimately, that innovation is critical to our on­going success.”

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