PERQ: SaaS platform realizes thousands in monthly savings with AWS

Cloud cost optimization savings found in on-demand costs, reserved instances, and reduced cloud wastage.


PERQ utilizes AWS’s relational database services (RDS) and elastic compute cloud services (EC2) to support their SaaS platform, ensuring an optimal customer experience for the thousands of properties that use it.

To maintain performance capabilities and manage costs effectively, an analysis of their AWS usage was conducted, and findings uncovered some quick wins that immediately reduced PERQ’S costs with thousands saved each month.


PERQ is the only AI platform for multifamily that integrates with your website and lead sources to engage, nurture, and convert every lead, improving the multifamily leasing journey for everyone.

Business Objective

Achieve short- and long-term savings on AWS cloud spend.


Project Goal

Identify usage trends and spend in order to maximize cloud utilization rates with minimal waste.

Our Approach

PERQ engaged InterVision, a premier tier services partner for AWS, to conduct a cloud cost optimization analysis of their environment. Cost optimization is a key pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework, and our deep dive into their environment identified some near-immediate savings beginning in the first month.

We recommended our FinOps service to PERQ that provides discounts with reserved instances and lays a firm foundation for ongoing savings month-to-month by offloading complex cost management from PERQ’s cloud staff to InterVision.

InterVision meets monthly with PERQ to review costs, usage trends, and forecasts and makes recommendations to improve ongoing efficiency in their AWS environment. We also instituted the use of their AWS cloud cost optimization dashboard that provides visibility into all their AWS accounts, services, and costs as a supplement to our monthly meeting cadence.


  • At or near 100% utilization of their RIs.
  • Savings provide 34.21% savings over AWS on-demand prices.
    • Compute resource commitments provided savings for both Linux/UNIX and Windows.
    • Database resource commitments provided savings for both MySQL and PostgreSQL.

“Optimizing our cloud spend while balancing our relentless pursuit to provide our customers with the best user experience is a balancing act. InterVision’s expertise and guidance were absolutely key in setting us on the right footing and their expertise and support, keep us there, allowing our business and our customers to thrive.”

EVP Technology, PERQ
Curt Knapp