Apache Solr for Adobe Experience Manager

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

The Situation
Solr is an enterprise grade, secure, highly scalable, blazing fast, open-source NoSQL search platform from the Apache Lucene with major features of powerful full-text search, hit highlighting, faceted search and analytics, rich document parsing, geospatial search, extensive REST APIs as well as parallel SQLR.

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) comes with a standard out of the box Search feature which is useful for:

  • Creating new Applications that use standard search
  • Simple sites that use Search as a secondary feature
  • Sites with small repositories
  • Sites that have manageable amount of data
  • Inbuilt search is restricted to its repository
  • Large sized searchable items/records impact performance

Also, today most of our users are looking for:

  • Query Suggestions and Spelling
  • Sponsored Search
  • Geospatial Search
  • Natural Language Search
  • Rich document parsing

and many more advanced search features that help the overall user experience!!

If you are dealing with any of the above challenges or need to provide any of the features presented below on an Adobe Experience Manager project, you have come to the right partner! With our custom InterVision Solr Connector we address the above concerns. Just allow us to configure your site, setup our connectors and sit back for blazing results!

InterVision Engages
InterVision has completed multiple successful Solr Search implementations including AEM & Solr integration, latest being Education Minecraft.

Our Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Solr Connector brings you immense benefits along with all the great features of Solr:

  • Compatible with AEM as a Cloud Service
  • Takes the burden off from the developer in cumbersome tasks of initial setup, hosting and managing the Solr environments
  • Makes AEM and Solr Integration quicker, easier and reliable
  • Solr Indexing content based on activation and deactivation of page or asset
  • Pull data from external data source into Solr
  • No additional skill required for an AEM developer
  • All Solr capabilities can be achieved with this connector