The City of Danville Implements Advanced Security Measures Through InterVision’s Cyber Risk Assessment

IT security improves for City of Danville, Virginia by raising awareness on Cybersecurity and the City’s security posture


Cyberattacks continue to increase, and especially vulnerable are state and local governments who are often considered ‘soft targets’ by hackers. With InterVision’s strategic consultation-based solution, the City of Danville was able to address potential vulnerabilities and form a plan for substantial protection, confident that their custom security examination was thorough and expert recommendations by InterVision were offered in the best interest of future security goals.


  • Established in 1793, now an independent city along the banks of the Dan River on the southern border of Virginia
  • Population over 40,000
  • Motto: The River City, Where Innovation Flows


  • As a municipality, the City of Danville faced high risks related to policies, DR/IR planning, OT environment, Logical Access, and open ports.
  • Need for increased staff collaboration toward lowering technology liabilities.

Our Solution

InterVision’s Cyber Risk Assessment that focuses on three distinct areas to mitigate business technology risks: IT Risk Management, Critical Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity Testing.

The assessment includes InterVision experts who specialize in each area, offering exclusive security consultation.


  • A set of robust initiatives developed to improve IT security for the City of Danville, Virginia 
  • Improved engagement of general staff and IT staff toward participation in advanced security measures  
  • Established InterVision as a trusted advisor in technology and, more specifically, the cybersecurity area 

“InterVision did a great job engaging with IT staff and other department leaders in raising awareness on Cybersecurity and the City’s security posture. InterVision kept us informed throughout the process and the end result was a concise overview summary with specific risks and opportunities. From our engagement with InterVision, the City feels we can create a clear road map on continuous security improvements and areas that we need to pay particular attention to. Based on the results of this engagement, the City plans to continue to engage with InterVision on additional security tabletop exercises.”

Director of Information Technology, City of Danville
Inez Rodenburg