Rail Equipment & Specialized Lifting Company Implements InterVision’s Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) and Cybersafe Incident Response

Cybersecurity strengthened through SOCaaS: Empowering a Virginia Rail Company


A Virginia-based Rail Equipment & Specialized Lifting Company, with a 35+ year history and over 200 employees across eight facilities in seven states, faced a challenging situation when targeted by a malicious spearfishing campaign. Despite promptly detecting the breach through monitoring tools, they sought additional measures to ensure comprehensive containment.

With InterVision as their Managed Service Provider, InterVision implemented a robust Security Operations Center as a Service (SOCaaS) solution, fortified by Cybersafe technology. This comprehensive solution included the immediate deployment of Endpoint Security Monitoring across 145 endpoints, later complemented by Network Security Monitoring to protect the entire network.

The results were impressive: the SOCaaS solution effectively mitigated a major breach, resulting in minimal data loss and negligible financial impact on the business. By retaining these monitoring services, the organization is now well-prepared to proactively mitigate future risks and has strengthened its overall IT security posture.


  • Virgina-based company
  • 35+ years in business
  • 200+ employees
  • Eight facilities in seven states
  • Privately held
  • Specializing in railroad, specialized lifting and recovery industries


  • Company targeted by a malicious spearfishing campaign caused a minor breach
  • The breach was discovered quickly via monitoring tools, but additional services were requested to view the network as a whole, ensuring the breach was fully contained.

Our Solution

InterVision implemented a SOC solution, powered by Cybersafe, to provide incident response services to mitigate the severity of the breach and prevent any further breach attempts.

The SOCaaS Endpoint Security Monitoring solution was immediately installed to provide monitoring services to 145 endpoints.

SOCaaS Network Security Monitoring was later added to monitor and protect the network


  • Major breach was mitigated by utilizing SOCaaS Endpoint and Network Security Monitoring 
  • Minor data loss, and no major financial impact to the business incurred 
  • Through the retention of an Endpoint and Network Security Monitoring service, the organization has the ability to mitigate additional risk.