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CCaaS Empowers Teams

Positive customer interactions drive reputation, loyalty, and business. In this fast-evolving world, organizations have many challenges when serving customers: employees want to work from anywhere and costs continue to rise for technology solutions. Customer experience and loyalty demand an omnichannel, tailored approach. Technology teams no longer want to daily manage the aging contact center infrastructure. All these challenges point to the need for a new approach that embraces a modernized toolset to empower the modern age. Enter Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) from InterVision.

Benefits of CCaaS

Migrating away from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud jumpstarted a revolution in how businesses meet their customers’ engagement needs.

Reduce costs

while improving customer experience and engagement


your custom CCaaS solution to fit your business needs

Stay nimble

in the cloud to scale and innovate

Work anywhere

Keep employees connected and productive

Rest assured

confidently of the CCaaS security protocols

Unburden your staff

by leveraging InterVision’s managed services

Innovate you business

by leveraging ML/AI to improve customer engagement

Streamline finances

by optimizing costs and receiving a single, simplified bill

Jumpstart operations

implementing a contact center in days, not months

Save up to 80% over traditional contact center costs

Start saving today
Why InterVision for CCaaS
Over 25 years of experience

in enterprise communications/contact center solutions and managed services

Deep expertise

with both hardware and cloud-based communications allow for migrations to take place in weeks, not months

Dedicated “Center of Excellence”

to Communications​ providing cross-functional teaming to develop, support best in class solutions

Proven track record

with hundreds of new customer deployments & migrations to date​

Proven ability

to plan and execute complex mission critical deployments and migrations

Long-standing partnerships
CCaaS Features Work for You
Reduce Cost

InterVision’s clients save up to 80% compared to traditional contact center solutions through a pay-as-you-go model. Leverage our CCaaS to save on equipment and maintenance costs. Budget for the monthly or yearly subscription plans—and plus, you receive the convenience of one bill.



Simplify Operations

Contact center operations can scale dynamically without installing or managing additional hardware. In the cloud, updates to features or security patches can be deployed automatically, freeing your IT team up for other priorities.

Deliver Omnichannel Experiences

Deliver personalized and dynamic customer experiences with simplified contact flows and natural language understanding. Take advantage of omnichannel communication and features that go beyond customer expectations.

Fast Deployment

Deliver a modernized and full-featured contact center in weeks, not months—all with hands-on support from certified experts. Easily add or remove specific users or features to/from the CCaaS solution in a straightforward process; or take the “managed services” path, and InterVision manages it all for you.

Dynamic Contact Flows

The Contact Flow Engine enables non-technical users to create customer interactions, or “contact flows,” to surface information such as past purchases, contact history, and customer tendencies, which can be used to anticipate end-customer needs and deliver answers to questions before they are even asked.

Skills-Based Routing

If a customer needs to speak with an agent, the customer is matched to an agent with the right skill set using routing profiles. Routing profiles use multiple mechanisms (Priority, Delay) to fine-tune the logic that determines which contact an agent will receive. And with CCaaS, it’s easy to switch channels and route calls without losing access to information along the way like your knowledge base or customer and transaction history.

Real-Time and Historical Metrics

With customizable real-time and historical metrics, a contact center manager can make data-driven decisions to increase agent utilization and reduce customer wait times while also delivering longer-term insights on customer issues and operational performance.

Maintain Security and Compliance

CCaaS comes with highly advanced security measures. Plus, InterVision can support a variety of critical compliance frameworks such as PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, SOC 1, 2 and 3, FedRAMP, and NIST.

Gain Reliability

Along with geo-redundancy, CCaaS with InterVision has a team on hand to ensure smooth operation despite disruptions. Our team of professionals will architect, implement, and manage the application, as well as handle the configuration, provisioning, and system maintenance.

Remote Enablement

Empower employees to serve customers from the office or at home without any loss of features or functionality.


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