Four Levels of Security Controls

Security is of upmost importance in the financial industry, and it’s not easy. While some tasks may fall to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list when time and resources are limited, security simply cannot.

If you have highly sensitive, highly regulated data, consider an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Managed Service. InterVision’s IPS service offers four stratified levels you can choose from to protect your environment, based on your app’s needs. You can choose from “check-the-box” protection, the advanced, prescriptive and proactive level, or one of two levels in between.

IPS Managed Service is just one piece of your application’s protection, however. You should also consider rolling in other security services like monitoring, patching, anti-virus, multi-factor authentication, DDoS protection and event log monitoring to your environment, which means you need a provider, like InterVision, with a robust library of security managed services to choose from, and the experience to know what you need for your individual application.

The security process requires a true partnership between the client and provider. There are four levels of security controls that InterVision’s team supports to reduce your risk and vulnerabilities.

  • Foundational Security: includes security policies, SOC 2, contractual agreements, external penetration testing, security controls governance, awareness training and background checks
  • Physical Security: includes datacenter security, physical access control and site audits
  • Logical Security: includes advanced firewallsIDS/IPS managed services, VMware Hypervisor-level security and patch management
  • Application and Data Security: includes solutions for end user management and individual application and database security

We don’t need to tell you that your environment has to be secure, but you also need a provider who understands security better than anyone else. InterVision has proven ability to protect and serve highly-regulated organizations, like Credit Unions, allowing them to better serve their clients.

Let InterVision help you reduce risk and protect your data with security services for your cloud environment. Learn about our managed security services.

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