Status Go: ITDR During a Natural Disaster

Episode 76: ITDR During a Natural Disaster

“Without communication, there is no coordination.” Melvin José Velázquez Feliciano, a Certified Business Resilience Manager and Professor of Computer Science, went to work after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without power or even an AM/FM radio signal, dedicating his time and talents to Information Technology Disaster Recovery Resource Center (ITDRC).  Melvin sits down with Jeff Ton to recount his experience during the aftermath of hurricane Maria, how he councils companies on the islands in ITDR, the compounding impact of Covid-19 and where his passion for giving back comes from.

For more of Melvin’s story:  The Call to Volunteer, Medium

Melvin José Velázquez Feliciano, has been a full time volunteer with ITDRC since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017; serving his communities, NGO’s and the private sector.  In September 2019 Melvin was sent to the Bahamas as a second wave of support, restoring emergency communication and internet to all survivors, refugee camps, hospitals and NGOs on the island – this was his most impactful experience thus far.

Melvin continues to apply his ITDR expertise as the island was hit by a 6.4 earthquake in January of 2020 and they are currently tackling the impact of Covid-19, while most people are still living in refugee camps.

You can connect with Marvin on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

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