Ransomware is the Greatest Risk to Healthcare Systems Today

By Allen Jenkins, InterVision on December 6, 2022

Ransomware attacks against healthcare systems surged by 94% in 2021. Meanwhile, a recent survey of medical professionals found that more than half (57%) of healthcare organizations were targeted by ransomware at least once in the past three years. Some even had to halt operations entirely, leaving medical professionals and patients alike at acute risk for deteriorating privacy, financial wellness and health. Simply put, ransomware poses a significant risk to critical wellness facilities’ short- and long-term operations.

Numerous trends have contributed to the recent rise in ransomware, including new threats like ransomware as a service gig economy and bad actors like the Hive syndicate. Healthcare providers must focus on implementing protective ransomware strategies to combat these risk vectors as soon as possible. Doing so is critical to safeguarding vital data like patient records and preventing system outages.


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