Allyship in the Workplace


In previous episodes we’ve discussed diversity, equity and inclusion within the technology space, but today we are tackling an aspect we’ve only brushed on: allyship.  How can we be better allies in our workplaces for those who are marginalized because of gender, orientation, race, size, ethnicity or disabilities?   And how can being a better ally make us better leaders? That is exactly what Melinda Briana Epler, the Founder and CEO of Change Catalyst, discusses with Jeff Ton; the steps we can take to make our workplaces safer and more inclusive for undervalued groups.  Jeff and Melinda discuss empathy as the foundation for allyship, microaggressions and the eye opening experience Melinda had that prompted her to start Change Catalyst, which focuses on building inclusive tech ecosystems.

Discussed in this episode:

Melinda’s book : How to be an Ally: Actions you can take for a stronger, happier workplace is available for pre-order.

Podcast: Leading With Empathy and Allyship