Cloud Journey | Change Management and Adoption

Cecilia Comeaux, Assistant Vice President at AT&T Entertainment, combines her natural affinity towards engineering, extraordinary people skills and artistic ability to solve dynamic, complex problems and fundamentally change the way teams work. Cecilia sits down with Jeff Ton and dives into her approach to change management and adoption; how she views change, handles reluctant leaders and works with employees whose roles shift as a result of transformation efforts. In fact, Cecilia’s focus on people (whom she calls the “special sauce in seeing engineering realized and come to life,”) and the impact technology changes have on them is to such a degree that she describes part of her role as having ” a strategic focus on workforce skills transformation.”

Cecilia Comeaux is currently an Assistant Vice President within AT&T’s Entertainment Group.  She leads the Platform Service Operations for AT&Ts portfolio of entertainment products.  The Platform Operations Team is an advanced technical team responsible for the 24×7 operations, deployment and lifecycle management of a range of computing and network infrastructure, applications, data systems, cybersecurity and compliance.  These platforms generate approximately $32 billion in revenue annually for AT&T.

Previous to her current job, Cecilia has a worked a broad range of engineering, IT and business positions, always in emerging technology areas.  She started her career in 1994 as a military communications analyst at Hughes Space and Communications.  She then joined an internal company project which eventually spun off into its own satellite TV company – DIRECTV.   As part of DIRECTV, Cecilia worked in multiple engineering areas from satellite design, to negotiating High-Definition video standards, to building out large scale broadcast systems and consumer equipment certification.  In 2010 she transitioned to DIRECTV’s IT organization with the task of developing a cloud operations and supplier management strategy.  When DIRECTV was acquired by AT&T in 2016, Cecilia was promoted to Assistant Vice President, focused on enabling AT&Ts network and IT teams to transition to the cloud and cloud practices.  Today, her DevOps enablement work continues within the AT&T Entertainment space, with the added focus of security by design.