Status Go: Ep. 142 – Creating Competitive Differentiation Around Strategy

As we enter into a fresh, new year and reflect on the past, one thing we know for sure is change is a certainty; change is table stakes.  It will be how well IT leaders foresee, adapt and embrace necessary change that allows them to innovate, create competitive advantage, and propel their organizations.  We welcome Jonathan Lerner, President and CEO of InterVision, who sits down with Jeff Ton for the first time, to discuss exactly how to create a change mindset and drive competitive differentiation around strategy.  Furthermore, Jonathan delves into some of the ways InterVision is innovating and adapting to necessary change.  This energizing episode is foundational for 2022.


Jonathan Lerner serves as InterVision’s President and CEO.  Armed with a blend of functional expertise and an eye toward innovation, Jonathan is tasked with defining strategy and executing short, mid, and long-range business plans to achieve and surpass profitable revenue creation at double-digit growth. An authentic agent of change, Jonathan has developed a strong reputation for accurate assessment, strategy alignment with boards, investors, founders, and C-Level colleagues, and for his teams’ ability to execute business transformation with precision.

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