Status Go: Ep. 153 – Embracing the Agile Mindset

Ask a room full of IT professional to define agile and you’re likely to get several different answers; ask the same group if they are practicing agile and you’re likely to get a lukewarm response. On the surface agile may sound easy, but agile transformation is hard work.  As the Vice President of IT and Operational Excellence at CNO Financial Group, Patrick Bogan is leading agile transformation at enterprise scale. Patrick sits down to talk with Jeff Ton about his agile journey, best practices, getting started and overcoming obstacles.



Patrick Bogan is currently the VP, IT Strategy and Operational Excellence at CNO Financial, where he leads strategic partnerships, IT strategy, and portfolio management, as well as the enterprise agile transformation. Patrick has led multiple organizations through agile transformations to accelerate ROI and deliver the right outcomes faster. He has extensive insurance background, including roles as Chief Information Officer at two insurance-tech companies. Previously, Patrick spent over 20 years as an independent consultant driving large, critical initiatives. Patrick attended Purdue University where he earned his BS in Computer Information Systems.