Status Go: Ep. 152 – Retaining Women in the Workplace

In this episode we’re returning to a topic we’ve tackled several times in various ways on Status Go: women in the workplace, more specifically, women in tech.  A warm welcome to Erica Ballard, Founder and CEO of RetainHER, which provides data insights to companies to help them retain and promote women. Buckle up for this dynamic, eye opening conversation where Erica discusses with Jeff Ton the alarming rate at which women are leaving the workforce. 1 in 3 women are estimated to leave or downshift in the workforce this year, which is a major loss for employers in terms of lost resources, funds, time, and expertise.  Find out why women are making this leap and what organizations can do to create an environment they do not want to leave; one that allows them to thrive and ultimately make a bigger impact on the business.

In this episode, Erica discusses the downfalls of improper surveying and data collection. Find out How to Survey Like a Pro on Tuesday, March 15th.




Meet Erica Ballard. A woman who jumped from job to job – hoping to find a company that let her be herself while doing work that mattered. She never found that place, which is why she left the corporate world to start a business to change that for other women.

Prior to creating retainHER, Erica ran a successful health and life coaching practice for four years and spent ten years in the public health sector. She has a MS from Tufts University School of Medicine. She currently lives in Denver with her husband, daughter, and pup.

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