Status Go: Golden Rules of Cloud Migration

Episode 49: Golden Rules of Cloud Migration

Business efficiency, agility and overall customer experience are factors directly related to an organization’s competitive edge and profitability.  That being the case, chances are high you are already utilizing the cloud in some manner.  How did the migration go?  What do you know now that you wish you’d known prior to migrating?  If you haven’t attempted a larger-scale migration, what is holding you back?  What challenges are you hoping to avoid?  In this episode, John Gray, InterVision’s CTO, discusses the most crucial factors for cloud migration success with Alicia Gaba, InterVision’s SVP of Marketing.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:00 John’s background

2:12 Drivers for cloud adoption

4:16 Migration success factors

5:17 Establishing the right strategy

7:47 Project pitfalls

10:59 Approaches to migration

15:39 Networking and security in the datacenter vs. cloud

19:47 Back up and Disaster Recovery

22:35 Action items

John Gray, CTO at InterVision, has spent 25+ years in IT innovation, software engineering, and business leadership.  Over 10 years ago he started Infiniti Consulting, an IT consulting and system integration company that grew rapidly and became a leader in cloud adoption.  John’s focus is on the smart application of technology to drive positive business outcomes.  He is recognized as a thought leader in cloud technology and overall IT architecture.

White Paper | 7 Deadly Sins of Cloud Migration

To help you navigate the shift to cloud, we have detailed common pitfalls to avoid, as well as advice for success.


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