Lead With Boldness


Status Go Podcast: Episode 1

“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 50: Lead With Boldness

The real mission behind Status Go is to highlight opportunities and create a momentum towards action during this hyper digital era we find ourselves in.  Is it a challenging time?  Yes.  But, it is also quite possibly one of the most exciting times to be in tech.  The transformation story of American Academy of Family Physicians, led by Michael Smith, Vice President and CIO, could not highlight these concepts more.  Listen now as Michael discusses with Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, the thought process and timeline behind the transformation of their entire environment.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:27 Michael’s background

2:47 The advantage of a diverse background

5:21 Getting back to the basics

9:08 Cultural change

12:52 Creating a vision

19:53 Lessons learned

22:40 Negotiation techniques

26:52 The power of education

29:51 Action items

Michael Smith is currently the Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).  The AAFP is one of the largest national medical specialty associations with over 130,000 members.  During Michael’s 20+ year career in the IT industry, he has held various roles in consulting, employed with private and publicly traded companies across multiple verticals of business industries along with non-profits and associations.  This vast of array of experience across multiple industries and organizations has given him a unique perspective on how technology can be used as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Michael is an experienced technology strategist with an extensive executive leadership background uniquely positions him to meet organizational strategic objectives while enforcing IT execution to achieve greater growth and sustained profitability.

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