Status Go: Ep. 195 – There is No Recipe for Digital Transformation

There is no recipe for Digital Transformation! Institute for Digital Transformation Chief Scientist and Chef Dr. Frank Granito guides us through the ingredients for a successful digital transformation. Dr. Granito is the principal author of the book Digital Transformation Demystified. Co-authored with ten Institute Fellows, the book looks at transformation through ten different lenses. Like a chef who can mix and match flavors, the digital transformation leader can use insights from each of those lenses to ensure their transformation is successful.

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About Dr. Frank Granito

Dr. Frank Granito is Chief Scientist and Lead Fellow at the Institute for Digital Transformation. He has over 40 years of experience in the Information Technology field and has successfully implemented IT Service Management transformation solutions for Government and Commercial clients. Dr. Granito holds a Doctor of Management from the University of Maryland University College with a thesis on Organizational Culture.

As Lead Fellow, Frank selects current transformational topics and leads the monthly discussions with all of the Institute Fellows, parts of which are available on the YouTube Show “Digital Transformation Unplugged.” In his role as Chief Scientist, Dr. Granito created the analytical model that is the basis of the Digital Enterprise Readiness Framework. He designs, creates and produces the analysis of Snapshot Research. He is also one of the hosts of the YouTube Show “Snapshot Research Brief.”