Security and Compliance: A Shared Responsibility


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“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 41: Security and Compliance: A Shared Responsibility

We live in an increasingly connected world, which allows for convenience, efficiency and new opportunities, however it also represents security challenges at both the consumer and corporate level.  Nowhere are these challenges more apparent than in the world of retail.  Our guest today, Gopal Bhat, CIO and CISO at Rakuten Rewards, talks with Jeff Ton, InterVision’s SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, about responsibilities the individual must take ownership of as well as what good corporate citizenship entails.  Listen now as they dive into the cat and mouse game of Security and Compliance and what both consumers and organizations can do to stay ahead.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:56 Gopal’s background

3:48 Navigating dual roles: CIO and CISO

6:13 The cat and mouse game of security & compliance

9:17 The consumer responsibility

12:57 Knowing what data is being collected & why

16:42 The corporate responsibility

19:29 The employee’s responsibility

22:59 Angel investing

23:43 Action items for both the individual and IT Leaders

Gopal Bhat is currently serving as the Chief Information Officer and CISO at Rakuten Rewards, a rewards oriented shopping network helping its members to discover and experience brands in rewarding ways. Gopal has built and managed engineering, devops, security, compliance and infrastructure teams at companies in the e-commerce, gaming and security space including AntiVirus company – AVG, Electronic Arts and Ebay prior to joining Rakuten.Com (Formerly Ebates)

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