The danger of ransomware and other cyber-attacks will always be present. It is an ongoing battle and part of your business strategies should involve cybersecurity.

The modern contact center is the main source of interaction between an organization and its customers, and a primary driver of a positive customer experience. Contact centers handle communication across multiple channels like telephone, web, chat, texts, email, messaging apps, social media.

Just in, our newest case study, Next-Generation Telecommunications Rebuilt for Remote Work. This project saw InterVision work quickly to replace an end-of-life, on-premises telecommunications system with a flexible and scalable solution utilizing Amazon Connect and other features as needed. This enabled agents to work remotely, with minimal downtime and an easy transition.

The modern Contact Center consists of four main features: telephone, chat apps, video calling, and customer data analytics.

A contact center is the hub of all the different communication channels and tools that customers use to interact with your service teams. The goal of a contact center is to create an agile and frictionless customer experience.

The survey looked at how much time and money the companies invest in managing their services. It also included questions designed to understand the challenges and pain points leaders are experiencing.

What you need to know: This Buyer’s Guide to UCaaS and CCaaS will help you navigate The Communications Revolution by sharing tips to selecting the best solution for your desired outcome.