Next-Generation Telecommunications Rebuilt for Remote Work

About the Organization

This customer is a provider of next-generation telecommunications solutions for commercial and government customers around the world, including 911 emergency systems.

The Vision and Challenge

With an existing Avaya PBX system nearing end-of-life and going out of support, a replacement solution was needed. And it needed to be deployed quickly and easily and enable their agents to easily take calls remotely. An Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution made sense in this case, since the company was already looking into using AWS Workspaces and starting migrating resources from their datacenters to AWS EC2.

Prior to migration, we engaged in a Proof-of-Concept (POC) pilot, enabling the customer to test the solution and assess any training or verification processes. From there, the migration was completed, and agents were fully transitioned to the ConnectIV CX / Amazon Connect architecture.

The Outcome

By migrating from an outdated on-premises solution to AWS and Amazon Connect, the organization gained substantial flexibility in terms of remote connectivity usability for agents. This helped ensure the smoothest transition possible, with minimal disruption.

In addition, the customer gained a great deal of scalability over the system they previously utilized. As business demands evolve to need new functionality, they can rest assured their tech stack will be capable to embrace new features as needed.