Contact Center Services Examples

The modern contact center is the main source of interaction between an organization and its customers and a primary driver of a positive customer experience. Contact centers handle communication across multiple channels like telephone, web, chat, texts, email, messaging apps, and social media. Many businesses utilize the tools created by technology providers like Amazon Connect to power their contact centers.

Previous blog posts have covered the main features and benefits of a robust contact center. In this post we will look at some examples of the services provided in modern contact centers.

Contact centers typically serve two categories of customer interactions: transactional and informational.

Transactional Services

Sales transactions

The main transactional function of most contact centers is managing sales. Inbound sales orders can be processed through the company website, app, email or by telephone, text or direct messaging tools. Many businesses also utilize AI to drive virtual agents that help customers serve themselves. This automation improves order efficiency and also frees up human agents to be able to handle more unique and complex transactions quickly.

Outbound sales can also be driven by the contact center through many of the same channels. Proactive phone, social media, email and text campaigns are used to generate a stream of activity into the sales funnel.

Invoice transactions

Contact center technology improves billing, credit and return efficiency by routing customer requests to the appropriate internal parties. It also takes the strain off of call center agents by providing self-service tools for customers to manage their own returns and credits. Utilizing a third-party Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) allows businesses to quickly scale their organizations and staff in response to seasonal trends or unexpected increases in customer requests.

Informational Services

Product and Technical Service

A positive customer experience begins with sales and product satisfaction but extends to the quality of support and technical service a business provides. Contact centers use AI tools to make technical support staff more efficient and responsive. Virtual agents can provide customers with solutions to commonly asked questions or problems, allowing human agents to manage more difficult issues quickly and efficiently.


Perhaps the most intriguing service a modern contact center platform provides is tracking and logging customer data. Analyzing the details of customer interactions can provide deeper business insights for customer service agents and marketing teams. Tools like Customer Relationship Management that track the entire customer journey can provide invaluable insight into customer behaviors and even predict future business trends. All this makes your customer service teams more efficient and proficient at building customer loyalty.

Helping you serve your customers better

Third-party companies like InterVision can help tailor a suite of contact center tools and solutions that will meet your business needs and help you create a better customer experience.

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