Webcast: Keeping the Lights On During Your Cloud Journey

Staffing the management of legacy environments in the age of cloud.

Whether you are in the planning stages or are already well on your way along your cloud journey, unless you are a “born in the cloud” company, you have a traditional environment (on-premises, co-lo, virtualized/bare metal) that must be supported and maintained if even for an interim period. This webcast addresses the challenges you may face and shares insights to solve them.

Hosted by Jeff Ton, strategic advisor to InterVision, watch this on-demand webcast at your own pace.

PART 2 – Keeping the Lights On During Your Cloud Journey

For more information, check into InterVision’s Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance (CMLA) program providing midsize, enterprise and public sector organizations a comprehensive approach to cloud migration, operation and optimization. As an APN Premier Consulting Partner with AWS Migration Competency and over twenty-five years of experience supporting customers in their datacenters, we eliminate the knowledge gap between legacy and cloud systems.

Let’s navigate your cloud journey.