Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance (CMLA)

A comprehensive approach to your cloud journey
Cloud First for a Hybrid World

InterVision’s Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance (CMLA) program provides midsize, enterprise and public sector organizations a comprehensive approach to cloud migration, operation and optimization. As an APN Premier Consulting Partner with AWS Migration Competency and more than 25 years of experience supporting clients in their datacenters, we eliminate the knowledge gap between legacy and cloud systems that stalls most cloud initiatives while mitigating the risk of poor cyber hygiene and cost sprawl.

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Through 2022, insufficient cloud skills will delay half of enterprise IT organizations’ migration to the cloud by two years or more.
Assure Every Aspect of Your Cloud Adoption

InterVision’s comprehensive design and delivery approach ensures migrations are fast and effective, and ongoing operations will be efficient and reliable

Accelerate Migration
Accelerate Migration

Accelerate migration and avoid stalls with a proven and tested process

Harden Operations
Harden Operations

Harden operations and close cloud skill gaps with support from certified AWS experts

Optimize Spend
Optimize Spend

Optimize investments and mitigate unnecessary spend with matured FinOps and automation

Operate with Ongoing Support – Matched to Your Needs

Depending on your strategic goals and desired operational outcome, CMLA can be delivered within three tiers of service to address cloud skills gaps at the appropriate level:

Self Service
Fully Managed
Leverage a More Comprehensive Process

InterVision’s prescriptive approach ensures you are informed and involved at every stage of the process with clearly defined deliverables at each milestone

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Discovery & Analysis

The Discovery & Analysis phase plans the first steps in your journey to the cloud. This phase produces workload inventory and initial details that feed into the Foundation Planning phase. Additionally, the InterVision team will introduce standard architectural patterns and best practices as we prepare your team for foundational planning.

Foundational Planning

The Foundational Planning Phase begins with the pre-migration questionnaire, automated discovery data, and Migration Readiness Assessment. It concludes with design recommendations for the landing zone, shared services, automation & orchestration, and security & governance.

Foundational Build

The Foundational Build Phase begins with the Landing Zone Plan, Shared Services Plan, Automation & Orchestration Plan, and the Security Plan and includes design and implementation of a multi-account landing zone with the selected shared services deployed.

Migration Phase

The Migration Phase begins with the migration plan and a build landing zone in the AWS cloud environment. The InterVision team will design workload hosting, deployment, and migration around the design recommendations reached in the workload planning portion of the foundational build phase. At the end of the migration phase, workloads will be running in the cloud and their management systems will be in place and ready to help manage change.

Ongoing Operations

Once workloads are migrated into AWS, InterVision’s operational support will begin. Our matured approach manages monitoring, patching, incident and change management, allowing you to focus on strategic initiatives. Available at three services tiers (self-managed, co-managed and fully managed) your service is tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Ongoing Optimization

Optimization is a continual process of refinement and improvement of a system over its entire lifecycle. InterVision uses a Financial Operations (FinOps) approach which includes optimizing cloud service purchases using discounts and  architecting systems with the most effective use of services and resources to control and optimize your cloud spend. 

Why InterVision Cloud Migration Lifecycle Assurance
True-Hybrid Experience

Our experience as an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with AWS Migration Competency and a 25-year legacy of supporting clients in their datacenter assures your migration won’t be stalled by legacy infrastructure

A Prescriptive Approach

Our refined methodology assures you are informed and involved at every stage with clearly defined deliverables for each milestone and migrations are built to operate

Technology Partnerships

Our deep list of strategic partners and over 80 supported vendor technologies in cloud, networking and security assures an integrated approach to cloud adoption

Tailored Support

With InterVision CMLA your migration will be designed from the start to operate in the preferred support model, ensuring your landing zone and controls are built to match your strategic business objectives

Migrating with Confidence & Eliminating Roadblocks


InterVision’s Approach to Optimizing & Managing AWS

Optimize Your Cloud Experience

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