InterVision Transforms Networking at Art Museum



About the Company

One of the largest and most renowned art museums in the nation, the customer entertains visitors across the globe with its world-famous exhibits of modern and contemporary art.

The Vision and Challenge

The art museum had recently completed a three-year expansion to triple the museum’s gallery spaces and consolidate office staff from multiple locations. In order to provide visitors with the best museum experience, they needed fast, secure and reliable wired and wireless network infrastructure based upon tightly-integrated, best-in-class technologies. In addition to these elements and the desire to strengthen resiliency across the entire network, they also needed support for all business operations, next-generation mobility applications, and advanced building management systems. This meant building a platform that could evolve for future network demands. InterVision was selected over a field of regional and national technology integrators because of our networking expertise and superior solution design.

Business objectives:

  • Provide secure networking and wireless for facilities totaling more than 300,000 sq. ft. of exhibit and office space
  • Support all business operations for guests and employees
  • Advanced, Internet-based applications for security, lighting and building management
  • Enhanced museum guest experience with next-generation mobility applications
  • Strengthen security and resiliency of the network
  • Provide a platform for future network growth

The Outcome

InterVision kicked off the project with a review of the museum’s requirements, a walkthrough of the site, and discussions with museum IT staff. After analyzing this information, InterVision architected a wired and wireless network infrastructure based on best-in-class equipment from Juniper, Aruba, and Palo Alto Networks. Specific solutions from these vendors were selected because they integrate well and had the advanced capabilities necessary to meet the museum’s requirements.

InterVision professional services:

  • Architecture/Design/Engineering
  • Integration/Configuration/Installation
  • Migration
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Project Management

InterVision was entrusted to coordinate and fulfill the network requirements for all IT and building systems. InterVision engineers and project managers worked closely with the museum’s CTO, IT staff, construction team, and building systems vendors (security, electrical, HVAC, etc.) to complete the multi-location deployment covering hundreds of thousands of square feet. This included migrating from their legacy network and testing.


The museum is now a showcase for leveraging the latest technology to enhance the gallery experience. For example, indoor positioning technology combined with a custom mobile app provides guests with a whole new way to see (and hear) art. The network also powers critical building management systems like security and lighting.

To learn more about InterVision’s expertise in using Juniper networking, Aruba wireless systems and Palo Alto Networks firewalls, contact us here.

Note: The image above is NOT the museum of this customer success story.