InterVision Joins Cloud Funding Program to Help Fight COVID-19

As the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the business sphere, InterVision has partnered with Strategic Blue and major organizations like AWS and UC San Diego to deliver cloud migrations to organizations that need fast transitions to a more accessible, flexible and scalable virtual environment for workloads, data storage and daily technology operations. They’ve named the program “Cloud Fund to Fight COVID-19.”

About Cloud Fund to Fight COVID-19

The Cloud Funding Program helps to mitigate the fallout of COVID-19, funding the research and response to the pandemic by helping two specific groups: researchers and community projects, particularly organizations residing in education.

For academic researchers, the Cloud Funding Program means they can start activities that will help tackle COVID-19 with a funded budget for initial cloud costs and expert support to fast-track cloud adoption. This way, research teams can get up and running in the cloud without having to wait for the approval of larger funding applications.

For community projects focused on mitigating the societal impact of COVID-19, specifically educational institutions, they can apply to the Cloud Funding Program for help with their initial cloud computing needs that the minimum viable product for your project may require.


InterVision is proud to join as a technology partner for the fund, lending our technical expertise to both researchers and community projects in getting operations running quickly and smoothly in the cloud for greater focused attention on COVID-19. With less time spent on cumbersome IT inefficiencies, our hope is that a solution to the outbreak can be reached faster.

About InterVision

InterVision’s mission is to unlock value by delivering innovative technology through a consultative approach. As a leading managed service provider (MSP), InterVision assists IT leaders in solving the most crucial challenges they face by solving for the right technology, deployed on the right premise, and managed through the right model to fit their unique demands and long-term goals. With a 25-year history and a broad range of innovative solutions for cloud transformation and datacenter, IT resiliency, modern communications and advanced data analytics, InterVision assures clients of both vision and capability.

We are proud to be an AWS Premier Consulting Partner with AWS competencies in DevOps, Storage, Government and Education. Recently, we partnered with AWS to launch AWS Managed Services by InterVision, a prescriptive program that migrates companies and organizations into AWS secured landing zones designed for compliance, premium performance and superior security, all fully managed by AWS staff and our own team. Read more about the program here.