Identity Access Management

Enable workforce productivity
Fuel Accessibility While Decreasing Security Risks

Logging in several times to get work done is cumbersome. Hybrid architectures, spanning both legacy on-premises services and cloud-based solutions, are becoming the norm and increasing the complexity of identity and access management across the landscape. InterVision takes a foundational approach, planning for all aspects of identity and access management for both on and off-premises, as well as privileged access management, segregation of duties, and cutting-edge needs including machine identity and next-generation access control (NGAC). This approach ensures that security, compliance, and flexibility are at the forefront of the design and are not bolted on after the fact.

InterVision increases employee productivity with role-based single-sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) using our prescriptive Identity Access Management (IAM) service to connect across all crucial applications that workers need for their daily tasks (such as Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365 and other SaaS-based applications). This solution also supports compliance with data and privacy needs, enabling IT departments to answer the critical questions of who is accessing resources.

Work used to be a place you used to go to, now it is much more of a state of mind; much more open, social, collaborative and in order to support that environment, you need a new style of IT.
DevOps and SASE: New Mindsets Require New Thinking

Legacy approaches to identity management struggle to keep up with the CI/CD DevOps model that is becoming more common within organizations around the world. Creating a well-formed identity and enabling the programmatic management of it across all identity and service providers is rapidly becoming a “need” rather than a “nice to have.” Secure Access Service Edge is another growing architecture approach, extending out from Zero Trust and relying heavily on identity as the new security perimeter.

Accelerate Despite Location

Designed in alignment with your company’s compliance and security needs, InterVision’s IAM service offers streamlined efficiency for the end user and visibility for the IT team managing the solution. We work in conjunction with your IT team to facilitate conversations with stakeholders, so that all critical applications remain accessible when needed most.

Reduce workplace frustrations
Know which employee has accessed what and when
Increase employee productivity and time efficiency
Maintain compliance (GDPR, PCI, SOC 2, etc.)
Support single sign-on
Leverage multi-factor authentication
Get a Remote Workforce Assessment

Define your new “normal” in unprecedented times and beyond. InterVision is prepared to help.

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