Do Your Part to Prevent Software Supply Chain Attacks

By Allen Jenkins, Chief Information Security Officer and VP of Cybersecurity Consulting at InterVision on April 25, 2023

From small businesses to Fortune 100 companies to the highest levels of government, no one is safe from digital supply chain attacks. With many organizations’ increasing reliance on third-party code, there is a growing threat of ransomware on the digital supply chain. In fact, Gartner data predicts that by 2025, 45% of organizations worldwide will have experienced such an attack. So what can enterprises do to combat these risks? To protect their digital supply chain, leaders must prioritize mitigating risks and ensure vendors implement security best practices.

Why are these attacks on the rise?
A recent report found that software supply chain attacks rose 300% in 2021. This meteoric increase was due in part to low levels of security in software development landscapes that left companies with vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that exposed them to these attacks. But how exactly do these attacks happen?


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