Spiceworks – Don’t Go It Alone: Effective GenAI Implementation Requires Collaboration

By Jonathan Lerner on February 9, 2024

Discover the secrets to effective GenAI implementation and why embracing collaboration is crucial.

Jonathan Lerner, CEO of InterVision Systems, writes about how important it is to collaborate when implementing GenAI and provides some strategies to overcome any issues that may come up.

There’s no question about the utility of AI — nearly nine out of ten leaders (87%) agree it’s necessary for business continuity. But how can AI expedite daily tasks without running afoul of regulations? And how can organizations manage consumer and client privacy concerns?

Questions of this nature aren’t new. IT and data leaders realize AI’s ethical and operational implications will become more complicated with time. Accordingly, organizations that cinch their approach to AI now will find themselves in a highly advantageous position five years later.

The secret to effective AI implementation is simple: It takes a village. In this context, GenAI engines should never operate in singularity, nor should leaders adopt such tools without appropriately strategizing and investing in platforms that support their organization’s risk and change management processes. Let’s dive into the roadblocks of GenAI adoption and how technology can surmount them.

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