Compliance Assessment

Don’t roll the dice with your security compliance

The financial impact of running afoul of complex data compliance regulations can go far beyond fines. There’s also reputational damage, business disruption, and revenue loss.

noncompliance more costly than compliance
the cost of noncompliance

Lay a foundation for ongoing compliance

While regulations lay out approved security practices, demonstrating compliance isn’t always so straightforward. With an assessment you can.

  • Understand your organization’s current compliance requirements
  • Evaluate data flow in the context of compliance standards
  • Identify gaps and assess compliance-related controls that could trigger non-compliance
  • Choose the best ways to close gaps and minimize vulnerabilities

We know compliance backward and forward

Different regulatory compliance standards exist for different types of data. Failure to meet those standards can result in fines, and the inability to bid on contracts or handle specific data. The strength and experience of our team is brought to bear, ensuring you achieve compliance, and then some.

How we conduct compliance assessments

We don’t just check the compliance boxes because we understand that not meeting compliance regulations can go beyond fines. It can damage a reputation, disrupt a business, and cause revenue loss.

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We inventory the types of data used; map it to learn how it’s handled, stored, and transmitted; and identify all regulatory compliance requirements to be met.

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We determine how the security controls in place within your organization—administrative, technical, and physical—meet compliance standards.

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We outline the current state of compliance and any deficiencies found, and recommend how to address them.

5 steps to a security risk assessment

We often incorporate risk assessments with our compliance assessment engagements.  Our security risk assessment is based on research, not guesstimates, and follows a 5-step process. The environmental evaluations generate a risk score that helps prioritize mitigation efforts.


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