Endpoint Detection and Response

Endpoint attacks are increasing—and they’re getting by traditional security

Endpoints are favored among attackers as they are difficult to defend and an easy point of entry into your network. A recent survey of IT security professionals found that 68% of IT pros found that the frequency of endpoint attacks had increased since the year before.

experienced endpoint breaches in the past two years
current security ineffective against endpoint attacks

Endpoint detection and response that blocks threats fast

Protect your business with a comprehensive managed approach.

  • Reduce risk. Managed SOC with 24x7x365 coverage reduces time to detect and respond.
  • Accelerate containment. Built-in isolation tools rapidly contain threats.
  • Offload management. Let us design, maintain, troubleshoot, and run point on change management.
  • Squash malware. Connect EDR with Helpdesk and Managed Servers for malware protection.
  • Improve ROI. Managed EDR services cost a fraction of building capacity internally.

Managed EDR that delivers

EDR can feel like a game of whack-a-mole, with traditional antivirus solutions blocking less than half of all endpoint attacks. With a best-in-class endpoint protection platform, you receive license and vendor support from SOC experts that detect and isolate compromises, reducing your overall risk. Our managed security process means your endpoints are controlled and protected.

One service—everything you need to keep your organization safe from endpoint attacks

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24x7x365 monitoring

Gain security incident management.

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Full incident reports

Know what happened? What it means, and how to stop it?

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Malware tracking

Understand where the malware came from, what it did, and when and how it was removed.

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Policy and configuration management

Get access to all management and monitoring tools.

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Built-in best practices

Gain vendor escalation, process tuning, troubleshooting, regular audits, and policy updates.

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Advanced threat analysis

Receive file sandboxing and analysis of unknown executable files in motion.

Knowledge is power

Our experts have compiled research and recommendations to help you better understand threats, protection, and solutions.

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