This project was an example of CMLA is action: The client benefits from reduced IT infrastructure cost, faster availability to student data, and greater security.

Confidence in your AWS services provider is crucial to the migration process and operations thereafter. And confidence in a provider is built over time, with alignment to your IT team and company in an understanding of your objectives both now and for the future.

InterVision announced a free, Pre-Migration Cost Assessment Service that will be available for a limited time. This program will help organizations understand the potential cost savings when moving on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud.

With AMS by InterVision, clients get a compliance and security in an AWS Landing Zone, a proven enterprise operating model, and day-to-day infrastructure management within the ITIL® framework. Clients receive an environment already under compliance with frameworks such as GDPR, PCI, FedRAMP, HIPAA, FINRA, NIST, ISO, CIS, SOC and much more.

The client and AWS were extremely impressed with InterVision’s pace and ability to herd multiple activities into a cohesive momentum for cloud migration, so the project could hit its deadline with a quality rollout.

When examining a path to AWS, there’s often terminology that differs from other vendors, such as “landing zone” — what is it?

Whether you’re looking to utilize the cloud for disaster recovery, considering a cloud migration, concerned about security or want to leverage the power of machine learning, it can be difficult to find all the information needed to make an educated decision. For this reason, InterVision has compiled a list of our 7 best cloud resources. We think they are necessary in building a strong foundation for migrating, analyzing, and maintaining your cloud strategies.

InterVision engaged with the company to migrate their datacenters to the AWS cloud, giving them the ability to market new features and capabilities, so that self-hosted clients began seeing the value of their new model.

InterVision worked closely with MSJC and AWS to determine the most appropriate autoscaling policies to both limit cost and ensure necessary resources were continually available. Within two days, we had completed a production environment deployment of their five initial applications on AppStream 2.0. MSJC subsequently trained more than 300 employees in the following two days, thereby allowing their staff and faculty access to the critical enterprise applications.

InterVision provisioned an AWS cloud architecture that included AWS WorkSpaces Desktop, Identity Management via Microsoft Active Directory, and AWS Transit Gateway using Palo Alto Networks firewalls for their complex networking and routing needs. In the end, most projects of this scale take approximately 3 months but COVID-19 brought the best out in both teams and our strong 24×7 collaboration, deep bench, and systemic automation allowed us to complete this project in one week.

To ensure a successful and smooth transition to AWS, it’s best to understand the full picture of your technology and business interdependencies, and the value that managed services can bring your IT staff.