From the dozens of new announcements at 2020’s AWS re:Invent, by far the two categories with the most announcements have been in the areas of compute and machine learning. While attempting to summarize those here would not do them justice, I’d like to highlight three of the most interesting and eye-popping ones as we begin 2021.

Sierra was interested in utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a part of their backup storage solution. InterVision was asked to provide a solution that would accommodate the backup and disaster recovery needs for their ERP application. InterVision’s delivery of a proof-of-concept with AWS Storage Gateway provided Sierra with a clearer picture of how AWS can be utilized to help them reach their business continuity and disaster recovery goals. By the end of this project, Sierra observed the benefits of adopting AWS, and the seamless execution of InterVision sparked greater confidence within Sierra’s team to adopt additional cloud services.