In this episode of Status Go titled “Doing Good Through Tech,” host Jeff Ton discusses with Calvin Hendryx-Parker, CTO and co-founder of Six Feet Up, a tech company focused on impactful projects for organizations “doing good,” exploring how technology can create a positive societal impact through their business model.

In this episode of ‘Status Go’, we dive into the power of company culture and the how behind the dream. Our guest, Joel Russell founder of eimagine, shares valuable insights on creating an engaging culture and unlocking the potential of your team.

InterVision announces comprehensive Managed 8×8 Services – New managed communications service oversees 8×8’s unified collaboration and contact center products, allowing cloud-based flexibility at a lower TCO

As stay-at-home measures have accelerated the need for production workflows that can be performed remotely, DirecTV has delivered for its workforce and led the industry in overcoming this challenge.