Transforming the Safety Industry


Status Go Podcast: Episode 1

“Of all of the leaders out there in all of our industries a full 85% don’t get beyond the self authoring stage.” – Ron West

Episode 71: Transforming the Safety Industry

This week Status Go welcomes Robin Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder of Anvl, a safety company helping organizations identify risk and reshape culture.  Growing up in a  blue-collar town, one of Robin’s first professional experiences entailed teaching men who had lost fingers to workplace accidents how to type.  Never at that point did she think one day she’d be transforming safety processes for front line workers by creating more digitized processes.  Robin sits down with Jeff Ton to discuss everything from the serendipitous connection between her internship  and her CEO opportunity years later, to the necessity of the pivot to digital for the safety industry, to her experience often being the only women in the room.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

2:30 Robin’s Story

10:22 The connection between Robin’s internship and CEO opportunity

12:04 The draw of creative problem solving

14:07 High Alpha and the leap to Startup CEO

18:24 Transforming the safety industry

22:14 The impact of COVID-19

24:50 The end user

25:37 The only woman in the room

27:33 The evolution of the tech industry

30:33 Creating a more inclusive environment

32:44 Call to action

Robin Fleming, CEO & Co-Founder of Anvl, a safety software company that helps companies identify risk and reshape culture, has more than 34 years of experience in software and technology leadership roles for brands such as, Teradata and Angie’s List.  Robin’s career has been devoted to building and delivering innovative software solutions.  She is now applying her technology expertise to workplace safety for the millions of American workers who make up the “deskless” workforce and work in hazardous conditions every day.  You can connect with Robin on LinkedIn, Twitter or

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