Webcast Series: BaaS: Not Your Grandfather’s Back-up

DRaaS Series: Episode 3 – BaaS: Not Your Grandfather’s Back-up

This episode is part of a four-part on-demand webcast series that will provide you with valuable insights for ensuring your organization’s data are protected AND recoverable. The focus of this series is on your on-premises technology, not on your cloud-based technology. In this episode, “BaaS – Not your grandfather’s back-up”, we will examine Backup as a Service offerings and some of the considerations you will need to make when choosing a BaaS path. Hosted by Jeff Ton, strategic advisor to InterVision, watch this on-demand webcast at your own pace.

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InterVision’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) eases the burden of managing a recovery solution and simplifies the failover and failback process for your team. No other DRaaS provider will work as tirelessly to deliver confidence that your recovery plan will work as expected—which is why we boast the industry’s highest client satisfaction scores. Whether you want to target recovery into AWS or Azure, or into one of our own geo-diverse datacenters, we can assist in making your managed resiliency goals a reality. InterVision is your go-to for data protection strategies leveraging cloud.