Webinar Replay: A Tale of Two Incidents: When Things Go Wrong vs When Things Go RPaaS®

How you respond to inevitable ransomware attacks can make or break your organization. Join us as we review the same breach and timeline from two different perspectives: one with Ransomware Protection as a Service® (RPaaS®) and one without. Quickly see how RPaaS can ensure a quick, full recovery with minimal cost, downtime and overall impact to you.
Our security expert Zack Moore, InterVision Product Manager, Security, will explain how having RPaaS in place helps to avoid:

  • Delays in response due to a lack of 24/7 coverage
  • Delays in action due to teams failing to work together, exacerbating the issue
  • Delays due to an outside incident response team being brought in that has to enter the environment without background knowledge, prolonging initial response efforts

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