What is a Virtual Datacenter?

What is a Virtual Datacenter?

A pool of cloud infrastructure resources designed specifically for enterprise business needs.

A Virtual Datacenter is a pool of cloud infrastructure resources designed specifically for enterprise business needs. Those resources include compute, memory, storage and bandwidth.

Virtual Datacenters are hosted in the public cloud and are based on VMware vCloud® technology, which provides full compatibility with any VMware environment. The solution is built on open standards with OVF packaging for the transport of workloads and interoperability, with additional support for the VMware vCloud API.

Just as you would in your own datacenter, you can make these Virtual Datacenter resources available to applications, business units and projects as needed without having to worry about physical capacity.

Build and move quickly.

A Virtual Datacenter contains public and private catalogs of VM templates so you can build new virtual machines quickly, or upload VMs that are already running in your internal environment. You can also build virtual applications (vApps) within your Virtual Datacenter. A vApp is used when you have an application that requires more than one VM, custom security and/or networking settings, custom startup parameters and want the application to be stored and provisioned from a catalog.

For example, you may occasionally need to create an instance of one of your e-commerce sites with web servers, a database server and specific security settings for purposes of doing testing for each upgrade. This entire instance can be stored as a vApp in the catalog and then later used to create the upgrade test environment in your Virtual Datacenter. When the testing is finished, you can power off the vApp.


What is a VDC in the context of cloud computing?

A Virtual Datacenter in the context of cloud computing services falls within the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) category. It enables you to quickly access cloud infrastructure from a service provider such as InterVision.

What makes an InterVision Virtual Datacenter different from the rest?

The biggest differentiating feature of a Virtual Datacenter is that you can easily re-adjust resource allocations within your environment at any time. Many providers offer the same combination of components and may also be based on VMware technology, but they don’t allow you to reconfigure the resources after they have been allocated the way InterVision does.

InterVision prides itself in offering the best tool in the industry to help you understand, control and predict your costs. That tool is the InterVision Portfolio. This, in turn, enables you to manage your resources — no matter if you’re using VMware vCloud Director, vCloud Connector or InterVision’s Managed Services to make changes to your environment.

Learn more about InterVision’s hosting solutions here.

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